Unique Pets is delighted to offer a full range of dog training classes to cover all the basic social skills, dog etiquette and obedience commands that you and your dog should master. Dog training is key to breaking down the barriers of communication between humans and canines, and will enable you and your dog to live happily together for many years to come. Whether you’re just bringing home your brand new puppy who needs to learn some basic manners along with socialisation, you’re adopting an older dog from a rescue centre and need to work on recall, or you want to increase the bond with your best friend through fungility, there will be a class for you and your dog. 


Meet the trainer

Tom Walsh completed his IMDT accredited dog training course at the beginning of 2015 and has been running a wide range of very popular classes in both Winslow and Aylesbury since then. Tom has also been working with a number of clients on a 1-2-1 basis to address training needs and correct unwanted behaviour. He only uses force-free, positive reward-based training methods, which are proven to be the most effective and long-lasting, and he can also provide clicker training if you prefer.

121 Behaviourist

Each dog is different, and likewise its relationships with other dogs, people and the outside world will vary. As well as the regular training classes, we understand that individual coaching can sometimes be required to help overcome a variety of dog behaviour issues and so Tom offers a 1-2-1 session with you and your hound to address any particular anti-social problems you may be experiencing.

Common complaints include aggression towards other dogs and/or people, separation anxiety, destructive or obsessive behaviour, inappropriate soiling, and being uncontrollable around visitors. What is often perceived as aggression, is in fact often a response to fear or anxiety, so let Tom see your dog’s “aggressiveness” for himself so that he can understand the issues that lie behind the behaviour. He will then address the problem and arm you with a toolbox of techniques and tips to help change the unwanted actions.

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Dog Training Classes

Click on the Training Calendar to see our timetable of start dates for classes and workshops.

Puppy classes: Open to puppies aged between 8 and 16 weeks old – Restricted to 10 puppies per class – £55

This six week course introduces you and your puppy to basic training, social skills and obedience exercises. Learn how to communicate simple commands and build the bond between you and your new best friend. This can be followed by the Juvenile class, before progressing to the Stage 2 course.

Juvenille classes: Open to puppies aged between 4 and 8 months old – Restricted to 8 dogs per class – £65

This six week course is designed to follow-on from the basic puppy training, but can also be used as your introduction to training if you are homing a slightly older puppy. Learn how to communicate with your adolescent, increase your obedience commands and understand more advanced social skills to build a well-mannered pup just when they are pushing their boundaries. This can be followed by the Stage 2 course.

Adult classes: Open to dogs aged over 8 months – Restricted to 6 dogs per class – £75

This six week course is designed for adult dogs who have not had any basic training and acts as an introduction into basic obedience commands. It will equip you with the tools to communicate effectively with your dog and can lead onto the Stage 2 course.

Stage 2: Open to dogs who have completed a puppy, juvenile or adult class – Restricted to 6 dogs per class – £75

This six week course is designed to follow-on from the juvenile or adult training and will help improve your communication with your dog as well as introducing distance commands.

Fungility classes: Open to dogs of any age – Restricted to 4 dogs per class – £8.50

This is a fun version of an agility class which is not progressive, so you can come whenever suits your schedule. The exercises are not timed, but are instead designed to build a bond of trust between you and your dog through repeated work and focus on agility equipment.

Trick Training classes: Open to dogs of any age – Restricted to 6 dogs per class – £8.50

This fun class is designed to mentally stimulate your dog and reinforce the bond between human and canine through learning new tricks and other brain games.

Rescue dog initial assessment: Open to dogs of any age – Restricted to 1 dog at a time – £5 (which can be used against a course of classes)

If you’ve just collected a rescue dog you will need to spend some time getting to know him or her. This half hour assessment quickly helps you understand any underlying issues and identifies which training classes would be most beneficial for you both.


Before you arrive:

  • Make sure your dog is exercised so that she isn’t wanting to run around, that way she can focus all her energy on learning.
  • Encourage your dog to go to the toilet so that doesn’t distract any attention from the task at hand.
  • Don’t feed your dog before a class so that he will work extra hard for the treats you offer as a reward.
  • Don’t forget to bring a treat bag full of goodies that you know will interest your dog.
  • Bring your dog on a fixed lead so that you can control her at all times.


  • To book a place on any of the courses, please call the shop on 01296 706403, complete the form below for a call back or email
  • To discuss your dog’s particular needs or to book a 1-2-1, please contact Tom direct on 07954 403542, complete the form below or email