Professional dog grooming

Our Unique Pets grooming service is undertaken by two fully trained specialists, Ellie Berry and Hannah Trodd.


Ellie joined Unique Pets when the second store first opened in Aylesbury, quickly progressing from customer service advisor to supervisor. When a vacancy came up in the grooming salon she jumped at the opportunity and spent a few months bathing and de-shedding dogs while shadowing the groomers. In May 2016 Ellie undertook intensive training with a Unique Friend, Val of Dogsbody Design, to achieve her Diploma in Dog Grooming.

Ellie has also taken a Pet First Aid course and has completed an Aggressive Dog course with the IMDT. She is well-versed in dealing with all shapes and sizes of dogs and has a particular talent for coercing even the most stubborn of dogs into a bath!

Pets Grooming

Hannah has been a customer for many years and joined Unique Pets in October 2017 on the shop floor. When the opportunity came up in February  2018 to train as a groomer Hannah was thrilled and, after spending 5 months working closely with Ellie, proved herself to be a natural.

In July 2018 Hannah passed her Diploma in Dog Grooming with flying colours after intensive training with Val of Dogsbody Design. Hannah enjoys practising her grooming techniques on her loving Collie x Labrador, Oscar.

Ellie and Hannah can either share a room in order to take two dogs from the same family together, or use separate rooms which is ideal for any dogs who are reactive.

Natural products

Our Unique Pets grooming salons are stocked with all natural shampoos and conditioners to provide sensitive skin and coat care for truly pampered pooches. Finishing with a spritz of fragrance means that your dog will stay looking and smelling gorgeous for even longer. Check out our guide to grooming brushes so you can get the right one for use at home in between appointments at Unique Pets Grooming.

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We are very sad to announce that Unique Pets Grooming is now closed. Any appointments booked with a deposit before the Covid-19 lockdown will be honoured. Please bear with us while we work through the diary, we will contact you shortly.